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Dog Fence of North America

is committed to provide you with or assist you in achieving
the absolute best possible type of Pet Containment System.

Dog Fence of North America is here to provide you with the absolute best type of pet containment system as compared to Invisible Fence® Brand, DogWatch, Dog Guard, PetStop, and others. We have established this site to provide you with a general overview of our services and help to answer any questions you may have about the industry. Keep in mind that we are an independent provider and use our own experience and product exposure to insure you that we are using the products that will provide you with everything you need for the safest most secure containment available.

If you are lucky enough to live within our service area you can rest assured that you will receive the best full service containment available anywhere!!! If you do not live within the area and would like to purchase the same type of containment system we use to surpass the success rate and customer satisfaction offered by Invisible Fence® Brand, DogWatch, Dog Guard, and PetStop, then we will not only provide you with the system but give you the phone support necessary to properly select, install and condition to attain the ultimate success in the first 30 days. With the correct Pet Containment System and our help containment is most commonly attained within the first few days to a week.

Invisible Fence®Brand is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc. We are not an authorized dealer, affiliated with, represent nor endorse these products or company in any way.