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DFNA 3048 Dog Fence Wire and Break Locator

Finally a true RF-null fault locator that is cost effective for the do it yourself owner of  Invisible Fence® Brand and and all other containment systems

We spent over 5 years attempting to locate a capable and simple wire fault locator that works on the same principle that our professional level locators do. Unsatisfied with the Rf-choke and AM radio process and also severely disappointed in the fault locator made by Petsafe that also uses an AM radio we went on the search. Wanting to find something that truly worked like our professional ones but we wanted it to cost around the same as a service call.  Unable to find such a device we took it upon ourselves to design just such a product.

Now we have the DFNA 3048 Dog Fence Wire & Break Locator available!!! A simple and truly effective way to track wire and locate faults in maintaining your system. Comes with industry specific directions.  Just add a couple 9 volts batteries and you’re ready to go. We have produced a video showing the use of the DFNA 3048 demonstrating the techniques used to find bad splices, partial breaks, continuity interruption and tracking the path of or locating the exact position of the wire.  Often you can come within inches thus presenting repair opportunities with minimal digging.  This is essential in difficult ground such as frost, snow covered or swampy.   The DFNA 3048 is our third generation locator and keeps your time investment minimized to often 15 minutes or less.  This unit has been field tested by our own staff and given Dr. Hogan’s very own seal of approval.






We have designed the DFNA 3048 Dog Fence Wire & Break Locator to locate the path of, and faults in, the buried or exposed path on pet containment systems such as Invisible Fence, PetStop, Dog Watch, Dog Guard, Petsafe, Innotek or any other brand system that uses a wire as a transmission antenna.  It’s capabilities can reach up to 3000 ft from a single location or an infinite length from multiple connections made throughout the perimeter.   It may effectively tracks wire buried up to 3 feet deep for shorter distances.  The distance of transmission may be affected by interference in the area, soil conditions and the quality of the ground you connect it to.  The proprietary modifications and programming of the DFNA 3048 Dog Fence Wire &  Break Locator separates it from similar products offered on ebay or by other fence companies.  Here and at are the only places you can purchase the actual DFNA 3048. The alligator clip leads provides a simple to connect interface to your perimeter wires.  You simply cannot get a more efficient locator for finding invisible fence wire breaks and faults of any type.

This product is made from plastic and although it functions in the same manner as the commercial units it is a consumer level product and therefor not as durable as commercial units. The actual testing and evaluation of the product was done by me personally. I discovered that although this is a relatively inexpensive product its actual performance in locating wire breaks in my particular application often exceed the performance of my commercial units. I include a very cheap set of ear buds with this locator which are not guaranteed to work.. If you have long runs to locate on you may want to invest in pair of light duty earphones from your local Walmart.

DFNA provides a 90 day replacement/repair warranty on any defective equipment. After the initial 90 days the boundary wire break locator has a lifetime flat fee repair agreement for the original purchaser. Please contact us if you need more information. Our guarantee does not extend to your ability to use this product properly and although we make every effort to assist anyone with problems some simply do not have the patience or aptitude necessary to make use of even the simplest equipment. If you feel you fall under this category please contact a local professional for repair assistance. Unless specific arrangements were made prior to purchase our guarantee will cover product replacement only any other authorized returns require a 30% restocking fee..

Now that you’ve found out how to locate the break in your pet containment system please take the effort to repair it properly so that you will not have to revisit the repair in the future to re-fix a splice gone bad. Click the word “SPLICES” and get what you need to do it right.






“I have a half-acre lot with the Invisible Fence® Brand wire around the perimeter. The break was about 400′ from the transmitter in the longest direction. I put new batteries in the locator transmitter and receiver and grounded the transmitter through the ground wire in an electrical outlet. The tone from the receiver was loud near the transmitter and diminished as I moved out along the wire. The null was easy to detect. As I approached the point where the break was located, the receiver tone died out completely. I then attached the transmitter to the other end of the fence wire and approached the break from the opposite direction. Again, the tone died out completely. The gap where there was no tone was about 4′, so I was able to isolate the break within a couple of feet. Before buying the locator, I tried the RF shunt/AM radio method, which got me nowhere. My experience differs somewhat from the instruction video on your website. In the video, the receiver emits a tone but no null at the break, whereas in my case, the tone disappeared. I tried using headphones, but the background static was to loud when I turned up the receiver volume to try to hear the fading tone, I was concerned about damaging my hearing.

The break turned out to be a failed splice. The splice was near a FIOS box that Verizon buried in my front lawn a few years ago. The Verizon contractor must have severed the Invisible Fence® Brand wire and spliced it back together. However, the connections were sloppy– just twisted wire ends covered with electrical tape.I was never told about the splice.”

Ron Paoli, PA


Dr. Hogan,

Thanks for all the insight and assistance in finding and fixing the break in my Invisible Fence® Brand. The underground wire break locator worked great and I was glad you allowed me to purchase one of your test units. I had attempted to use the Petsafe wire break locator and it ended up being a waste of $70. I also had a local dealer come out and try to find the break and he was unsuccesful but still tried to charge me for the visit. Can you believe that? When I got this locator I connected it to the unit as you had instructed. I followed the twisted pair in my system out and around my yard until I went full circle. No break found. After calling you I connected it to the other lead and followed in the opposite direction. After going only about 15 feet out the twisted pair, which goes about 60 feet to the perimeter, the signal faded to almost nothing. I dug in this spot and found one of the wires was broken within 6 inches of where I dug. It appeared that the wire had been nicked either in installation or maybe by a lawn plugger and it eventually corroded the copper inside the insulation causing the fault. this explained the system working and not working intemittently. I don’t know why the dealer didn’t find the break but atleast I didn’t pay the $140 he wanted for coming out and trying. My dog is now thrilled to be loose again after being kenneled for 2 months while I dealt with this issue.

I thank you and my dog thanks you.
Les, Sherman Oaks, CA


I wanted to write and tell you about my success with the locator. It took me only about 10 minutes to find the problem. It was a bad splice. Now I know what you meant about the 3-M pinch splices not being good splices. It appeared to be fine but was actually full of corosion. I fixed it but left it above ground until I get one of your splice kits. I know I have at least 3 more of these 3-M splices in my system so I will need to get enough splices to replace all of them eventually and also some extras. On a side note I also used the locator to help my brother in law this weekend. He just bought a house and we used it to trace and fix a broken coax cable, locate his sprinkle valves and track his low voltage landscape lighting wire. It probably saved him $200 to $300.

Chuck T. Portland, OR


Just used your underground dog fence wire break locator for the first time. I’m a contractor who does a lot of remodeling. We used the underground wire break locator to trace and locate electrical wires in the walls before we began demolition. I can say it has easily already paid for itself on the first job allowing us to salvage the existing wiring and simply relocate as needed.

Fernando V., Houston, TX


Thanks for the tips on finding my break. Its nice to get the customer service along with a great price. If you remember I was the man with the system that the dealer wanted $125.00 to come and locate the break and after he got here said he was unable to locate the problem because of my poor installation and cheap system. I bought the dog fence boundary wire break locator and was unable at first to find the break. After calling and talking with you I followed your advise to tap into the boundary wire beyond the twisted pair. After doing this I walked right to the break and lost tone in about 10 minutes. Dug up the wire there to find an original splice done with a so-called water proof wire nut. Fixed it with the kit I got from you and I’m up and running again.

Thanks you!
Dean W. from the Buckeye State.


The dog fence wire break locator worked great. I had used or attempted to use the Rf-choke method and the Petsafe break locator RFA-50 and neither ever got me within 20 feet of a break and often walked right past the break. It had taken me a couple hours and digging up and re-burying at least 50′ of wire every time. Today I got your locator added the required batteries connected it to one of the wires and grounded it as directed in your video. I tracked the wire and came to a spot where the tone stopped. I dug there and pulled on the wire and found the break less than a foot from my hole. Fantastic product! Now all I have to do is return the Petsafe product. Also liked your prices on the repair kits.

Ken T. Atlanta, GA
Dear Dr. Hogan,


I recently had a break in my dog fence and had no idea where it was. I called the initial fence installer and they were more than happy to come out at $65 for the service call and an additional $35 every 15 minutes. I am located in MA and it has been a very cold winter and digging is very difficult due to the frozen ground so I did not have this company come to fix the fence. I was searching online how to find a break and came across the dfna locator and figured I would give it a try estimating a service call would be $200+. I found the break within 15 min and had it repaired. The locator put me within inches of the problem area. This has been the best investment that I have made. Not only did the locator work great, but the customer service was by far the best I have ever had and the payment method was easy and the shipping was prompt. I am also a landscaper and will use this To locate customers fence breaks or irrigation valves.

Thank You for saving me money, time, and my sanity.
Dave, MA


I just bought the unit last week. I live in Minnesota and have 2 Norwegian Elk hounds that run around on 5 acres. About a month ago the Invisible Fence® Brand I have quit working. (Loop light went out.) I checked my loop with an ohm meter and sure enough, it had a break. I tried to locate the break with the Petsafe dog fence wire break detector and it was of no help. I hooked on your Underground Wire locator and within 10 minutes I had the spot. (There was a crack in the frost across the driveway and that’s where the tone went away!) I thawed the ground for 6 hours with a fire, dug down 3 inches and there was the break. I spliced in a new piece of wire and my dogs are able to once again run around.

Sissy, Bear and I thank you much!
Paul Cedar, MN



I’m a plumbing and remodeling contractor who installed a sport dog fence system at home. when I had a wire break I naturally went on line to research line tracers. I’ve been contemplating buying a commercial locator but it”s just not in the budget right now and my experience with cheaper tools has generally been an exercise in wasting money. When I came upon your site (found through google) I was impressed by your obvious love of your animals and your commitment to your customers. Within an hour after receiving your dog fence locator and splices I was able to pinpoint the exact location of the break and repair it properly. I mean I dug one small scoop and the break was right there! I generally feel blessed if I can get within a few feet of underground services. Zoe is free to run safely in the yard. My family and I really thank you. I will be using this underground dog fence wire break locator for just about everything (within it’s capabilities of course).
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Thanks again and God bless you and yours. I will recommend you to everyone and my next system will be one of yours..

Jack Thompson
Eagle Plumbing

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