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Customer’s Testimonials

My clients are more like family and friends than anything else. They always feel free to contact me about any dog related issues knowing that they will always get a straightforward answer.

We had a Dog Watch system installed and our dealer had went out of business. I was thrilled to find that Dog Fence would service our system.  Eventually due to product failure we had DFNA replace our unit and collars with their preferred system.  DFNA has always put our best interest first.  Whether it has been repairing our system after a forest fire destroyed it or simply answering questions about putting a new dog on it. This is truly a unique company and an absolute pleasure to do business with. I 100% recommend them.

Joanne C.
Spokane, WA

Dog Electric Fence Testimonials

Fantastic program, quick results and one very happy Wolfhound. Called got a phone quote, scheduled install, and had system in and working 3 days before the other company could make it for just a quote. Very pleased and amazed at the simplicity of the process. Definitely a top company to do business with.

Joe N.Lacey,
Spokane, WA

My son referred me saying Dennis was the only person to do business with! Not only did he contain my two big Rots but he also gave me some much needed training and control tips for dealing with them. Finally I have my dogs safe outside and they can’t dig in the flower beds or swim in the pool. The stress is gone and my dogs are wonderful pets now instead of destructive yard wreckers. They also love being out of the kennel all day. Best money I’ve ever spent.

Carol H Selah, WA.

We contacted DFNA about installing a system that we had purchased at the Petsmart. We were expecting to get the same run around that we had gotten from Invisible Fence® Brand telling us that the system we purchased was no good, wouldn’t work, and that we needed to buy one from them. What a pleasant surprise when we got a truthful answer! They told us that the system we had would work great and in fact was actually better technology than Invisible Fence® Brand. The Invisible Fence® Brand, dealer took 5 days to come out and then tell us that they would not install our system but would require that we buy theirs at a price of over $1600. Dennis, the owner of DFNA, explain everything to us over the phone and insured that our retail system would work and he would be happy to install it for us. Two days later DFNA arrived and installed our system in about 2 hours. They trained our dogs and set us up with a simple practice protocol to follow and our dogs were contained by the third day. I cannot say enough about the honesty and integrity of DFNA. They saved us $1100 dollars over Invisible Fence® Brand.

Thanks for all the help Dennis!

Cindy K.

DFNA made my dogs move into town quick and easy. I never thought this would work but my dog has taken to it like a duck to water. So simple and easy. Took one phone call and two days later it was installed. I couldn’t even tell they had buried a wire in my yard that’s how careful they were not to disturb my landscaping. Excellent company!

Connie R.
College Place, WA

DFNA installed our system for us and had our dog contained the second day. We live in a rural development and surrounded about 11/2 acres. Our big lab “Jake”was always chasing after deer and other wildlife but when the system went in and DFNA trained our dog he accepted the boundary quickly and for over 3 years has never passed through even the time my daughter was taking him for a walk and forgot to take the system collar off. I looked out the window and our dog was sitting there refusing to cross the line. My 11 year old daughter was pulling with all her might when finally the regular collar slipped over the dogs head and my daughter fell backwards. I couldn’t help but laugh as I went outside and ask her why she hadn’t taken the system collar off so the dog would go with her…. she was a little embarrassed and as soon as I removed the system collar the dog followed her out on a loose lead. I was amazed at that and afterwards had no indecision about trusting the system. We paid less than half what our neighbor did for their system from a different dealer and their dog is always going through to come play with our dog. I’m so glad we shopped around until we found DFNA. It has given us piece of mind and our dog freedom from his kennel….

Krista G
Hayden, ID

I’m a senior and live alone in a retirement community. My little poodle cross loves to be out in the yard but didn’t always stay home nor did he stay out of the flowers. My neighbor had a DFNA system for her cats and when I ask her about it she told me to just give them a call they are very pleasant and will answer all my question over the phone and give me a quote. Being on a limited income I would not buy until I shopped around. After waiting for 8 days for the other company to get out to give me a quote they said they couldn’t do on the phone. They originally told me they would probably be about the same price as DFNA. I wanted to run her out of my house with the broom when she told me it would be almost twice as much. I called DFNA back before she was out of the driveway. Now I can spend time with my dog outside and never have to worry about him running off and it is especially nice in the cold when I can just let him out to do his business instead of having to walk out with him on a leash.

Betty L.
Spokane, WA

Perfect fence in every way! Extremely fast and courteous installers and trainers. They really know their stuff! Very professional, straightforward and no BS or dinking around just the way I like to do business. Even when I cut the wire in the garden area they didn’t waste my time scheduling a service call to fix it instead the sent a splice kit with directions in the mail and I fixed it myself. Best of all they didn’t even charge for the kit. Kudos for them.

Robb C.
Bellevue, WA

Super quick and easy program for my dogs. I recently moved here and have had an Invisible Fence® Brand before but is has never worked this good and with almost no maintenance cost. Rechargeable collars are much better than the battery ones. I only have to charge them ever 5 to 6 months. System is extremely user friendly and has a perfect set of indicator and reminder lights and alarms. I can tell at a glance if my collars have a charge and are working. With the Invisible Fence® Brand I had to walk out to the line and hold the collar down and listen for the beep now all I have to do is look at the indicator light. I also love the fully waterproof collars as my dogs are always in the pool. I had a collar fail on my last system because of water even though they told me it was waterproof. This is the perfect system for me. Thanks again.

Mike A.
Richland, WA

services installationI had very little time to work with the dogs or be there for the install. They worked around my schedule with an evening install and combined training. Full explanation of how to follow up. 2 large dogs that have been running for years now contained and very happy off their chains. DFNA made my life easier and my dogs life much more comfortable. I definitely would recommend them.

Sheila P.Centralia,

Wonderful company and much better pricing and more knowledgeable than the other three companies we shopped. This man is a credit to the dog industry with his honesty and knowledge. He even fixed our dogs jumping up problem for free while he was here.

Chris & Kevin P.
Snohomish, WA

Just wanted to say thanks again for the job you did with my dogs fence system. They are both doing wonderful and the neighbors are actually waving to me again.

Wally B.
Olympia, WA

Sir you are a gentleman and a scholar. The dog fence you did for us is unbelievable and our wonderfully spoiled little border collie is finally staying home. Please keep me informed as to when you will be conducting a training seminar in our area. I would love to come learn more about how to live with our “dog in charge”. Referrals are on there way.

Bill R.
Puyallup, WA


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