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Dog Fence Professional Splice Kits

  • These work on Invisible Fence ® Brand and all other brands
  • Small Splice Kit: 2 splices and 10ft of wire $8.00
  • Medium Splice Kit: 4 splices and 25ft of wire $15.00
  • Large Splice Kit: 8 splices and 50 ft of wire $20.00
  • Free shipping

Individual Splice

Individual Splices

  • Individual Splices $1.00 each
  • plus $5.00 shipping

Professional Splice Kits

Whether installing a new system or fixing a break in your existing one there is only one type of splice that has proven to us to be both simple and 100% effective. The two part grease tube splice uses a standard wire nut and a unique test-tube like capsule filled with a specific formulation of synthetic grease to provide an absolute and fully waterproof protected connection in all application environments. Having the correct style of splice isn’t even enough as we have witnessed several different brands of this style of splice fail under moist or wet environmental conditions. It seems that although some companies can make the splice look the same the grease used doesn’t perform the same as the ones we use.

Dr. Hogan has personally witnessed the results of the style being correct but the grease being reactionary to the environment and allowing for failure to occur due to the physical properties of the grease becoming granular in nature and allowing moisture to penetrate to the copper wire resulting in corrosion and eventual loss of continuity causing signal loss. Without acquiring a sample of every single brand available and prolonged testing to determine which ones are prone to this failure we simple choose to make the recommendation to use our provided splices as we have a close relationship with the manufacturer and know they work, PERIOD!

Save yourself the chance of a major failure caused by a minor item and just get our splices. If you haven’t already viewed the instructional video on how to properly splice your invisible fence wire then please take 3 minutes and what the demonstration.

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