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Attention Retailers!!!

son2If you currently sell containment systems then you will absolutely want to become a Dog Fence of North America Do It Yourself Center. Our founder has put together a group of products that will make you a total service provider to assist the DIY person to benefit from the same professional level products that we have developed and used for over 17,000 successful installations. These products address the needs of all DIY’s interested in getting professional results.

Every retail store that offers containment systems is almost always short of offering what the customer really needs to do a complete professional job that will insure 100% containment and thus be satisfied with a product purchased in their store.

We do not sell containment systems to your store!! What we have put together for retailers is a group of professional products that help consumers select, install and maintain containment systems that you already sell.

The foundation of any system is the wire. We have a proprietary wire manufactured to our specs that should be a required upgrade to any system sold. This wire will also replace the current “expansion kits” offered by the system manufacturers.

What is your store missing?

If a customer ask you these questions are you able to say: “YES we have something for that!”?

  • I need to install a system how can I do it right the first time?
  • I have a break in my system how can I find and repair it?
  • I want to expand my system do you have extra wire?
  • Do you know what tools that I can use to install?

If you are a Dog Fence of North America DIY center you will have everything they need!

  • Installation wire upgrade/expansion kits 500’ or 1000’ (professional grade)
  • Professional splices (3 size packages)
  • Professional repair kits (3 size packages)
  • Economical true tone wire break locators to find breaks and trace wire (sells for less than a service call)
  • Boundary marker flags
  • Whisper String training leads
  • Professional installers trade secrets guide (The “Do it Right” instructions)
  • Patented disposable economy installation tool and instructions
  • Installation staples in convenience packs

All of these items are designed to meet DFNA standards for performance and economy. These items will allow retailers a strong markup and still be economical to the consumers.

Not only will this make you a full service provider but it also gives you access to our knowledge as far as what really works in the field and therefor what you should offer in your store. We don’t supply you with systems but we can advise you as to what systems you should handle and recommend.

As a bonus if your stores are within DFNA’s current service area you can offer our professionally installed systems to your customers and make an excellent commission on each sale without having to handle any inventory. We will provide all the necessary displays and literature at no cost to you. Ask us about how to get started immediately with this exclusive service.

Start up packages available now.

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