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Replacement Collars

Dog-REPLACEMENT-COLLARSDFNA’s very own urethane covered nylon webbing electronic system replacement collar. These are the same electronic fence dog collars we use in our professional applications and have proven to be the absolute best.

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Please include the circumference measurement of your dogs neck immediately behind the ears around the smallest part of the neck. Also include the brand name and model number of your receiver unit or the measurement between the probes center to center as well as the diameter of the part of the probe that passes through the collar. For those receivers that have posts that pass through the collars provide the post diameter. Include this in the message section of your cart when you place the order or email it directly to If this information is not provided we will not ship your order until we are able to obtain these measurements.


  • Urethane coated nylon easy to clean, does not absorb odor, does not stretch, does not allow moisture to short e-collar.
  • Custom fit in 3/4″ or 1″ material (please measure your dog’s neck right behind the  ears) collar will be made to adjust 2″ smaller and 3 inches larger than your measurement.
  • We will punch your collar to fit your receiver.  Please tell us what make and model you have or give us the measurement between probes (center to center) also tell us how large of holes to punch for receiver as some receiver require holes large enough to fit over post mounts.
  • Collars are reverse laced at buckle to maintain dogs comfort and eliminate hair pulling keeping  smooth surface towards dog.
  • Collars DO NOT have D-ring as a safety measure to insure you do not use to lead dog with collar possibly causing probe sores.
  • Choose RED, BLUE, or BLACK in 3/4″ or 1 inch material. 

We custom make each electric fence dog collar to fit your dog and receiver. Any length up to 30″

Notice in picture to the right that our collars have no “D” ring and are reverse laced. In other words the webbing is laced through from the bottom and folded back on the outside of the collar instead of the inside like most collars.

Price $12.00

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Please include the collar measurements as directed in #3 above and also the brand and model of your receiver and/or probe measurements in the message area of your cart checkout.

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