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Top Pet Containtment Product Listing

Customize wire for pet containment systemDog Fence Wire Hog

Want to eliminate the need to twist wire for your access pair? Simply run both strands through the hog at the same time and directly into your ground slit for perfect signal elimination every time. Even makes paved or unpaved driveway installation a little easier.

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Customize wire for pet containment systemReplacement Collars

DFNA’s very own urethane covered nylon webbing electronic system replacement collar. These are the same collars we use in our professional applications and have proven to be the absolute best.

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Customize wire for pet containment systemCustom Fit Collar

We custom make each collar to fit your dog and receiver. Any length up to 30″.

Notice in picture below that our collars have no “D” ring and are reverse laced…

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Customize wire for pet containment systemDog Fence Splice Kit

Whether installing a new system or fixing a break in your existing one there is only one type of splice that has proven to us to be both simple and 100% effective. The two part grease tube splice uses a standard wire nut and a unique test-tube like capsule filled with a specific formulation of synthetic grease to provide an absolute and fully waterproof protected connection in all application environments.
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Customize wire for pet containment systemIndividual Splice

Having the correct style of splice isn’t even enough as we have witnessed several different brands of this style of splice fail under moist or wet environmental conditions. It seems that although some companies can make the splice look the same the grease used doesn’t perform the same as the ones we use.

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Customize wire for pet containment systemOur Proprietary Wire

Dog Fence of North America’s proprietary wire has proven itself in thousands of miles of installation to be a highly efficient and low maintenance essential part of a good invisible type fencing install.. There are a few attributes that make our wire the only type of wire to use when looking to protect your valuable and loved pets.

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