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Our pricing structure is simple and straight forward and is determined primarily by two variables. The linear feet needed for your application and the number of dogs you wish to contain.

We DO NOT change pricing based on how nice your home is or on what we think you are willing to pay. We also do not give discounts to Veterinarians or other pet professionals just to get them to recommend our program. We are always willing to compensate anyone for any referral you send our way if you so desire. We have ONE program and that is “CONTAINMENT” we will not sell you a product with lesser technology, warranties or guarantees just to make the sale. You will be paying us for the best possible containment program available and any compromise is unacceptable!!!

Our program starts with a “Basic Application”. This includes one dog and 700 feet of wire, installation, full training (conditioning) guaranteed containment, 1 year service contract, lifetime warrantee and our exclusive behavior hotline. Training includes as many visits as necessary to achieve containment. No one else offers this!!! Of course our ethologically based conditioning program rarely requires additional visits.

  • Basic Application: $1499.00
  • We need to stay busy during this recession so prices have been slashed !!!
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  • $899.00
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Click here  to make a $199 deposit

Additional Dogs $150.00
Additional Footage per foot installed 45 cents

Deposit for Number of Dogs

By processing payment you agree to the make final payment upon completion of installation and understand that this deposit is nonrefundable in the event that you do not notify us of cancellation 24 hours prior to your scheduled installation. You agree to be held liable for all normal cost of installation plus collection and court fees should such action be require to procure payment.

  • approx. additional footage guide:
  • basic 700ft covers 2/3 acre
  • 1 acre +200ft = $90
  • 2 acres +500ft = $225
  • 3 acres +800ft = $360
  • 4 acres +1000ft = $450
  • 5 acres +1300ft = $585

Please call
1-866-465-2570 until 10:00 pm 7 days a week

Do it Yourself , Do It Right Anywhere in North America!

Basic Kit includes everything for 1 dog and 500ft of wire will do approximately 1/2 acre


Additional Dogs


Additional Wire 1000ft

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Full phone and email support will make your self-installed system a success!;
Prices include shipping in the US additional charges may apply to Canada





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