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Owners Message

Dr. Dennis HoganYou are looking at a company that was developed from the ground up based on my love for dogs and my desire to combine what I love and my work. I figured if I could do this in such a way as to provide customers with honest fair priced products and services without marketing “spin’ or hype that only added to costs I would create a truly unique company.

After having worked with or for other companies in the industry such as Invisible Fence® BrandPetsafe Radio fence pet containment system, and PetStop  electric dog fence and being exposed to almost all brands of systems through service calls I changed and designed my company to do almost everything different. It really all boiled down to: “How can I provide a better service at a better price and have a more satisfied customer?”

By formal analysis of the industry and how it services the consumer I decided on the path that has led me to where we are today.

  • First I wanted to use product that was proven through application to provide me with the necessary attributes for the quickest, safest, and most consumer friendly electric underground dog fence available at any cost.  Funny thing was that the high priced products in the professionally installed industry such as Invisible Fence®, Petstop, Dog Watch, and Dog Guard seemed more interested in providing opportunity for their dealers to produce a continued income stream than in producing a product tailored for consumer use and maintenance. So all research and experience lead me to a product designed for the consumer to use themselves. It provides us with reliability, low cost, durability and simple user interfaces that are necessary but not frivolous. No more “Bells and Whistles” than truly necessary. Simple in design and function much like the very creatures we are protecting.
  • Second was to build a business protocol that avoided spending your money when not necessary.
    No such thing as a “free in home consultation” for any standard or radio fence pet containment system!!! We do all our guaranteed quoting right over the phone instantly! There is nothing we can change by visiting your home. It is what it is and we have the proper experience, equipment and knowledge to do the installation of underground electric dog fence correctly when we arrive. We can often have you installed by the time the competition can make it there for the quote. The truth is that if you buy from companies like 
    Invisible Fence®  Brand or PetStop that do “Free” consultations that “Free” will cost you about $300. The only time it is really free is if you don’t buy. It is common sense such as this that saves you time and money.
  • Third was to keep everything as simple as possible.
    • Simple answers,
    • simple price quote,
    • simple installation service,
    • Simple straightforward training and

Simple “no fine print” warranty and guarantee.In fact we even encourage you to maintain your own standard or portable electric dog fence by providing free repair advice and splice kits for life! However we are always here if for some reason you need or professional service.

  • I personally encourage you to call me anytime with questions or concerns electric pet fence.
    I make myself available until 10pm,  7 days a week. You will almost always get me personally when you call. No receptionist and seldom a voice mail. You see I want to take care of you like your part of my family. So if considering 
    Invisible Fence® Brand type containment make an investment in Dog Fence of North America and you will know the difference from the very first phone call!

Dennis M. Hogan, PhD

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