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Legal Disclaimer

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I wanted to address Invisible Fence® Brand’s most recent system technology updates. First let me make the legal distinction that Invisible Fence® Brand is now a registered trade mark of PetSafe or Radio Fence and that I have no affiliation nor represent that company in any way. Invisible Fence® Brand was purchased a few years back by the same company that owned Innotek and within the last couple years Radio Systems who is PetSafe purchased both Innotek and Invisible Fence® Company thus bringing all three brands and sub-brands under one ownership and successfully creating a fairly strong dominance in the industry. Of course this would require many Invisible Fence® Brand dealers to not only quit lying about those, now related, brands but they have actually started servicing those other brands they previously deemed worthless and ineffective. The real proverbial “straw that breaks the camel’s back” has got to be the labeling change. Now it is “Invisible Fence® Brand by PetSafe” . I bet that really got under those elitist’s skin.

Better late than Never

I personally have been wondering how long it would take before Invisible Fence® Brand (model 800) upgraded their obviously outdated technology to catch up with all the other manufactures. Of course when they did this it would not allow compatibility between the already existing systems and the new technology so they would have to continue to produce the older technology because of so many in existence and the ripple they would create if they just flat quit producing the outdated products. I’m sure the new products carry an even more ridiculous price than the old.

What are the new features that help make this a better product?

Common Sense, Finally!

IF 801 unitThe new product (model 800) features a multiple or progressive programming that no longer allows the dog to run through the system without getting shocked. “Welcome to the present Invisible Fence® Brand ! Although some 10 years late. They also added features such as the indicator lights that warn you when you collar batteries are getting low.  Unfortunately I was told by a former Invisible Fence® Brand dealer that this light didn’t actually indicate the battery getting low but that it was a simple timing mechanism that started blinking after a certain number of days had elapsed. I have not verified this but if it is true it would be another example of their failure to address the real needs of clients.

These are all features that the Innotek dog containment system have had for the past 15 or more years. Of the 8 or 10 major manufactures of these systems Invisible Fence® Brand was the only one not offering the anti run through protection for at least the last 9 years. I guess the influence of Innotek and PetSafe radio fence containment system on Invisible Fence® Brand Company is much more prominent than in reverse. These are the very features that I have been promoting as proof of Innotek being more in tune with the actual consumer needs rather than just producing products that seem focused on creating continued income for the dealers through unnecessary battery sales.

Finally it seems that the common sense at PetSafe and Innotek have trickled down into the new products offered under the Invisible Fence® Brand name. Now if only they would do something about that ridiculous pricing structure!!!!  The other features of the 800 model are pretty much bells and whistles that really will have no noticeable effect in the successful function of the system and as with many other companies are just more things that are unnecessary and provide opportunity for unnecessary failure putting your dog at risk.  The new “TITANIUM” model collar receiver still uses the same inferior battery system as previous models and anytime there is an opening for the battery to go in then moisture can also get in!

Marketing Spin

The claim to be the fastest reacting system on the market, even it is true, is irrelevant unless your dog can run some 60 plus miles an hour by Invisible Fence® Brand’s own calculations.  According to their claims that there 800 digital system is 3 times faster than anyone else’s and they say the dog would have to run 200 miles an hour to defeat their system.  Quite a claim considering their other system such as the 750 could be defeated by a dog going no faster than a brisk walk.  The same with their 1000 levels of programming. This is all a bunch of unnecessary BS to use as sales gimmick with no particle application to the end containment results being any more secure. With the spin they use they should be politicians. It will be interesting to see how their dealers spin the need for this new product without admitting the obvious faults and inferiority of previous models.

Although DFNA is happy to service your existing Invisible Fence® Brand System we do not sell nor recommend the use of this brand and honestly feel that there are better products available to safely contain your pets.  If you currently have a system by Invisible Fence® Brand System and are unhappy with the expensive batteries, service, or additional collars we will be happy to guide you in replacing it with a more user friendly and dependable system at little or no final cost to you.

If you would like more information about how they manage to make the claims they do about Vet’s recommending their products, their claim to consumer digest’s best buy awards other misleading statements feel free to give me a call.  I’m all about honesty and fairness to the consumer.


Dennis M. Hogan, PhD.

Invisible Fence®Brand is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc. We are not an authorized dealer, affiliated with, represent nor endorse these products or company in any way.