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My clients are more like family and friends than anything else. They always feel free to contact me about standard pet containment system and any dog related issues knowing that they will always get a straightforward answer.

Dr. Hogan,

Being quite the skeptic, I was only hoping the detector did half of what Dr. Hogan said it would. But when Dr. Hogan spent 5-10 minutes with me on the phone as I placed my order, I suspected this might be the answer to my broken wire problem. Dr. Hogan seemed genuinely concerned when I told him my 100 lb. female German Sheppard had started charging out of the yard at people walking by with their dogs.

I have an “Invisible Fence® Brand” fence that cost me $1400 to install 11 years ago. Service through my “dealer” was non-existent. Before I got started I watched the videos on Dr. Hogan’s site. The videos were spot-on . Like the reviews listed on the website say – it only takes 5-10 minutes to find a wire break. I found 3 breaks in my wire and also spotted a bad wire splice. BTW watch the wire splice video as well even if you “know” how to splice a wire.

My dogs are now safe and secure and I feel confident leaving them outside and unsupervised for short periods. I called Dr. Hogan right after fixing the fence to tell him how happy I was with the Wire Break Locator. And just like when I called to place he order, Dr. Hogan answered the phone at about 12 noon PST on Sat.

I just want to say Thanks Again Friend!

Fothergill, Steven


Dear Dr. Hogan,

Just a note to say that the $129 spent on the Wire Break Locator was well worth it.

I had tried the RF Choke route, but just had no success in getting that ‘signal’ necessary to figure out where the break was. Through a link on Pet Safe’s owners forum, I stumbled upon the DFNA website. Watched the video, and said this makes sense to me. Yea it’s a lot of $$ but compared to hiring someone to come out and do this, well, it was a bargain.

Read a post from another customer who said the signal died out or became very faint when it approached the break. Mine did too, and when I read his experience, I said this has to be it. Dug up the wire and sure enough there it was – not one but two. Repaired them as per your recommendation, reattached the wires, and voila, a completed circuit. You have no idea how much I had been dreading this. We have nearly an acre lot that is fenced, and when I thought about trying to find the break, I’d just find something else to do. The reality is it took less than 20 minutes to walk the entire lot. I got the weak signal, and wondered why, especially since it was very close to the transmitter. In the back yard it was probably 200+ feet from the transmitter and the signal and null was loud and clear..

Again, reading the other comments confirmed my suspicions, and after walking the weak area again with the same results, I said this has to be it.

Anyway, thank you again for a solid product that does exactly what it says it will do.

Jon Randall
Zionsville, IN

Dr Hogan,

You’ve probably heard this before. DIY fence install under Gallagher high tensile electric fence. When we would get a break in the Invisible Fence® Brand, the $2 radio shack “choke” did not work very well due to the electric fence picking up the RF signal, thus causing phantom signals, and virtually impossible to locate exact location of break. Being the hard-headed and frugal engineer that I am, I couldn’t pump myself up for spending $130 for something I should be able to solve. After several hours wasting my time looking for break, I got frustrated, and purchased a DFNA 1016 Locator. I literally found the break in 10 minutes.

This was money well spent, thank you so much for your helpful website.


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