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So you Want to See a Professional Locate a Break in an Underground Dog Fence and Then Repair it?

Due to several requests for a video showing a complete repair using the DFNA 1016 wire break locator to locate and the DFNA Wire Hog and splices to repair the break I have devised this page and the video contained herein. This is a two part video and it covers the full repair from start to finish. It is somewhat long but it covers pretty much the entire service call and the repair that took just under thirty minutes. It show a good demonstration of how to use both the DFNA 1016 locator and the newly available DFNA Wire Hog. 

The video was shot by my 9 year old son and he did a pretty darn good job. I commentate throughout the video describing what I’m doing and commenting on the situation. I believe you will find this useful in learning how to locate and repair a break in your system.

Please feel free to call me with any questions.

Dennis 509-991-0385


Locating and repairing a a break in an Invisible Fence® – Part 1

Locating and repairing a a break in an Invisible Fence® – Part 2

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