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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few Q & A’s to help you out. Dr. Hogan would prefer to address your questions by telephone so please give him a call. He is usually available most hours of the day until 10:00 pm West Coast Time. As he always says: “Call, if I answer the phone I’ll be glad to answer your question!!!” 1-866-465-2570

Q: How do you compare to Invisible Fence® Brand or the other companies?

boy and dogA: First off we are independent and represent ourselves. We do not answer to a manufacturer and therefore are not limited to offering only one brand of system. As much as each manufacturer would like to contend that they have the “best pet containment system” it really depends on the professional you are dealing with to provide the necessary “human factor” for truly successful containment. We use systems that have proven to us through application to provide the necessary factors for success. Invisible Fence® Brand’s single zone system has too many outdated limitations to even be considered under our exclusive protocol criteria.

Q: Do these things really work?

A: Absolutely!!! Our programs have proven time and time again to contain all types and breeds of dogs. We do not discriminate or pick and choose the breeds or temperaments of dogs we work with just to increase our success rate. Dr Hogan’s best electric dog fence programs will work with any dog as long as the “human factors” are properly handled.

Q: The other company said they would have to come out to give a quote. If that’s the case how can you do it over the phone?

A: Our pricing structure is simple and straight forward and allows us to give you a guaranteed quote instantly over the phone. All you will have to do is answer a few simple questions about your place and your dog. Common sense tells you that these so called “Free or Complimentary quotes or consultations” are anything but free!!! When you buy from one of those companies a substantial amount of the money you spend will be going to pay for that “Free” quote that Invisible Fence® Brand, DogWatch Hidden Electric Dog Fence, Dog Guard Fence, PetStop, Innotek Invisible Fence and  PetSafe pet containment system rf-1010, gave to the four or five other potential customers that didn’t buy! This is also one of the oldest sales tricks in the book:

Q: How soon can we schedule an installation?

A: Generally an electric dog fence can be installed within a week’s time depending upon your availability.

Q: Why should I do business with you?

A:  Dr. Dennis Hogan has designed this company to provide the level of service that he himself would like to receive. He has put together a truly unbeatable program including price, product, service, guarantee, and a warranty that in combination is unmatched by any other company anywhere!

Q: I know very little about these large and small dog containment systems, and how can I get my questions and concerns addressed with honest information and facts.

A: Call us and have a question and answer session with Dr. Hogan. We know you’ll be surprised at his level of expertise!

Q: I’m not in your service area but would like to take advantage of your knowledge and do the install myself. Is there any way I can do this?

A: Yes! We are glad to provide exactly what we would install including our proprietary modifications. Dr. Hogan will also be available to you via phone and/or email to instruct you in the installation and exposure/conditioning/training process using his special proven methods to true pet containment with his help you will be successful!

Invisible Fence®Brand is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc. We are not an authorized dealer, affiliated with, represent nor endorse these products or company in any way.