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Our Proprietary Wire


dog electric fence wire

Wire Comparison ours is the blue

  • 18 ga solid copper conducter with thick proprietary insulation material
  • 1000 ft rolls $88.00 includes shipping

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By the foot .15 plus $5.00 shipping USA only other please call for shipping

tag: Electric Dog Fence Wire


Dog Fence of North America’s proprietary wire has proven itself in thousands of miles of installation to be a highly efficient and low maintenance essential part of a good invisible type fencing install. There are a few attributes that make our wire the only type of wire to use when looking to protect your valuable and loved pets.

  • First of all a single solid copper conductor is most efficient at transmitting the signal and it eliminates possible partial break and element exposure corrosion faults which have and may occur with a stranded core wire. When a single core wire breaks it is a clean break and doesn’t result in a partial break that can be very difficult to locate even for a professional.
  • Second of all there is only one type of insulation that should be used and that is HMWPE with a minimum thickness of .045” anything else is a compromise and unacceptable.
  • Last but not least we choose to use an 18ga conductor because it has proven to us in actual application to be strong enough to run through power installation equipment without damage but still being flexible enough to route in any manner necessary for a seamless and attractive installation and we have no problem with resistance becoming a factor in even the longest of installs.

So make the choice to use a proven product that “DOES” work not one that “SHOULD” work.

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