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The Patent Pending Dog Fence WIRE HOG!!!

Finally we have made available to you the single most used tool by our professional installers when installing our systems and working on Invisible Fence® Brand. 

Dog Fence WIRE HOG

Dog Fence WIRE HOG

This tool makes our life much, much easier and now it is available for purchase by you self installers as well as other professionals.
With nothing more than an edging shovel and this tool you can install a 1000 feet of buried wire in 3 hours completely by hand.

Use a power edger to cut your ground slit and save even more time. It doesn’t matter whether we are installing new wire or out on a service call on an Invisible Fence® Brand that is already installed we simple never leave the shop without it.

You professional installers know what its like to work in delicate flower beds with soft soil or bark beds or even gravel beds. Installing wire in these situations can be a slow and back breaking job. That is unless you have a WIRE HOG! With the wire hog it is easy to apply the wire into these beds under the surface and out of site without disturbing the weed guard fabric underneath.

Hog Wire Fence for Dog Electronic Fence

In the 11 years and 17,000 plus electric dog fences  we’ve installed  it is pretty safe to say that one of these has been used somewhere on every single job we’ve done. The use of this tool is limited only by your imagination. It is a fantastic tool to use when doing layouts in the brush and treed areas where you need to get the wire down under the brush. Easily installs wire directly into sandy beaches out well beyond the water line. On non-manicured terrain this Hog can really rut it way through to get that wire down where it is safe and out of danger. What about those wet, soft or even muddy installs? Of course the HOG is right at home anywhere from underwater to dry sand and everywhere in between.

Want to eliminate the need to twist wire for your access pair? Simply run both strands through the hog at the same time and directly into your ground slit for perfect signal elimination every time. Even makes paved or unpaved driveway installation a little easier. If you’ve ever had to use a pick to break a path across a hard packed driveway you know the work isn’t over until you clean out the trench and place the wire in the bottom before covering, Again a back breaking exercise. With the HOG once the pick has done its work simply drag the wire through the softened path down well into the ground below and pack the surface back into place. On paved or concrete driveways once the cut is made into the hard surface the HOG can apply the wire directly into the cut or crack without even bending over. Simply tamp and seal and your finished. Maybe Invisible Fence® Brand could use one of these to get their price down a little…. LOL

This amazing wire hog fence tool is available for purchase or rental. It will literally last a lifetime even for the professional installer. Produced from thick tubing and solid steel it simply won’t break and takes abuse laying down.

Rent it for $60.00 for 20 days
(deposit required)

When renting a WIRE HOG you will be charged the full purchase hog wire fence price and when the product is returned you will be refunded $69.00.

Purchase for $129.00

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