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Download Dog Training E-Book

Do to a tremendous request for my training protocol I have composed a short training booklet to make available to the general public. This booklet emphasizes the learning protocol of domesticated canines that I identified during my PhD research.

DFNA training bookI didn’t discover anything new just defined what occurs each and every time a dog learns something and applied this to an easy to follow, step by step protocol. It is designed particularly to meet the needs of the average everyday dog owners that find themselves with limited time but a desire to have their dog be an active part of their family not a distraction from the family.

This protocol emphasizes communicating with your dog through a natural method which the dog understands easily. It is written in easy to understand English. No big PhD words I promise. It provides an avenue to develop a bonded and lasting connection with your dog while teaching it to function in your environment in an acceptable manner. You will find this a tremendously refreshing break from you traditional long winded training book.

The response in my seminars is always the same thing: “AMAZING” “SIMPLY AMAZING” or just plain “WOW”

This protocol works with every dog with no exceptions! When properly implimented this simple straightforward booklet will give you the dog you’ve always wanted. Once you capture the simplicity of this approach you can apply it to modify, correct, extinguish, or create any behavior you so desire in your faithful companion.

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