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About the CompanyDr. Dennis Hogan, owner of Dog Fence of North America, has been involved with dog training since 1971. It is his in-depth understanding of the canine mind and the necessary processes of behavior modification and canine learning theory that have produced the most effective containment program available today. It easily surpasses Invisible Fence® Brand, DogWatch, Dog Guard, PetStop, Petsafe, and other dealers. His total dedication to provide the most secure and comfortable environment for your dog linked with his tremendous accumulated knowledge of dog behavior guarantees to our customers that they are getting the very best.

This is Bear and Feather the true “experts” in this dog business!!! They were my constant companions and friends and represent why I’m in this business. This was one of those times when they just didn’t want to walk! Of course Feather always insists on driving and Bear would rather just sit back and watch after all that’s what she did best. I hope you will take the time to call and talk with me about what I can do to make you and your dog’s lives safer and more comfortable.

Both my Bear dog and Feather have now passed but they continue to be my inspiration to be in this business. There loss has left an empty spot in my heart and they are sadly missed. May they share as many good times with those in heaven and with God as they did with me. I know they are there watching and waiting for us to once again be together!


Dennis M. Hogan PhD.


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